Hi All,

Our Farmer's Market has been closed. You can contact us from the Contact page if you wish to buy from us directly, and if we reopen our little Market we will place a notice here. Thank all of you for your interest!

Scott & Ursula

Organic 4 Life, Inc. offers products and services to help live a healthy and organic life.  Our mission is to promote, educate and offer resources to living an organic lifestyle.   We operate at the historic  Hemet Stock Farm, a certified organic farm in the heart of downtown Hemet.  Our organic vegetables and fruits are known locally for their delicious flavor and fresh, sun-ripened quality. Situated in Southern California, the moderately temperate climateallows us to grow year-round.

Scott Garrett, one of the owners of Organic 4 Life, Inc., has been committed to sustainable agriculture since the early days of the organic movement.  With more than thirty years of experience in organic farming, Scott is committed to improving the quality of the soil, and to growing varieties that have the outstanding flavor the increasingly sophisticated organic consumer has come to expect.

We offer a variety of Organic Certifiers certified organic fruit and vegetables for wholesale distribution throughout the region, including vine-ripe heirloom tomatoes, squash, garlic, onions, greens, melons and more.

In an effort to serve our local community, we now also have local produce services:

      1)  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, in which subscribers receive weekly boxes of organically grown produce available for pick-up at the Hemet Stock Farm. Read more about how to subscribe on our Join Our CSA page.

      2) Open Produce Market (OPM) that offers a seasonal variety of freshly grown local produce at the Hemet Stock Farm.

Living an organic lifestyle is about what we eat and what we do.  We offer classes to give resources on not just eating organic, being organic by living organic.  For instance, our “Fresh from the Farm to the Table” classes give food preparation demonstrations and easy to follow recipes for use at home.  Our movement classes give the opportunity to get up and move in fun ways.  In addition, we have information sessions on making natural beauty products and household cleaning products.  And Ursula Garrett, Organic Health Counselor, offers one-to-one individualized health counseling to help control and maintain various health issues, including weight management




JUNE 8: THE VALLEY CHRONICLE writes about Organic 4 Life! " Luscious red tomatoes, juicy fat melons, and sweet crispy onions are just three of the dozens of organic vegetables produced by Organic 4 Life in Hemet. And not a speck of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides has ever touched the produce...."


Take a look at the whole article, in our valley's own newspaper—click HERE!


We were happy to host the annual 1st Nighter party for the Ramona Outdoor Pageant, perhaps our grandest tradition here in the San Jacinto Valley. And of course our Hemet Stock Farm is a grand tradition too, built by W.F. Whittier, the founder of Hemet. We were here for the first performance of the Ramona Play, in the foothills of Hemet, in 1923, and we are proud that the Hemet Stock Farm can continue to be a part of this tradition.

first nighter

Our old barn quickly filled with happy people...

old barn

...many of them in costume.



The kids had fun getting their faces painted...


...and I was happy welcomng everyone!


I would like to thank all of you that attended our first annual Fall Harvest party, shared their favorite dishes and provided tables and chairs. A great time was had by everyone. I carved my very first pumpkin ever--who knew it could be so much fun?

Ursula's Pumpkin

We are really looking forward to the Spring Harvest party!

Harvest Party


Hemet Stock Farm entrance